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Honey Waffle Blankie | Off-White Muslin

Honey Waffle Blankie | Off-White Muslin

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The magic blankie, made of 100% cotton and 100 ways to use. Our swaddles are made locally, designed by our owner and printed in South Africa.

Products Description:

A versatile way to swaddle your baby, as well as have a breastfeed cover, a pram cover and a picnic blankie. Our printed swaddles are designed by the Coco team and printed onto the best quality muslin. All material is 100% cotton, breathable and baby safe. The swaddle is 100cm x140cm – nice and big!

As a local brand, we support local artisans and seamstresses. Our swaddle seamstress has a huge passion for sewing and is really enjoying something to work for, and grow into. Please note that because we don’t support mass production, each swaddle is sewn separately with love rather than perfection, we ask that you feel the love and joy put into your blankie if there is ever a little stitch error. 

Care instructions:

Please hand wash or cold wash with little detergents. If your baby does leave a mess or spit up on the blanket, please refrain from spraying stain remover and attempt to use the stain remover soap bars as they are a lot softer. 

Lead Times:

Plain swaddles are sewn to order, please leave a 2 week lead time to ensure no order is rushed or given less love.

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